Historical Characters Impressionist

Representing a Variety of First Ladies

By Jessica Michna

Abigail Adams

“A Lifeline of Letters”

Cordelia Harvey

“Angel in a Gray Bonnet”

Dolley Madison

“The Lady Who Saved Washington”

Edith Galt Wilson

“To End All Wars”

Eleanor Roosevelt

“First Lady of the World”

Frances Folsom Cleveland

“A May – December Romance”

Golda Meir

“The Journey Home”

Goode Rebeka, Trial by Fire

“The Salem Witch Trials”

Helen Keller

“A Life Nearly Lost”

Jenny Appleseed

“Lost Lore and Tall Tales”

Laura Ingalls Wilder

“The Road to the Little House”

Margaret Cummins

“Christmas at Balmoral”

Mary Ann Bickerdyke

“To Heal a Nation”

Mary Todd Lincoln-Presidential

“Preserve the Union”

Mary Todd Lincoln-Widow

“A Widow Forgotten”

Mrs. Charles Dickens

“The Best of Times”

Eleanor Mayer

“On Wings of Angels”

Sari (Ma) Semple

“The Truth, As I Recollect”

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