Historical Characters Impressionist

Representing a Variety of First Ladies

By Jessica Michna

Abigail Adams

“A Lifeline of Letters”

Cordelia Harvey

“Angel in a Gray Bonnet”

Dolley Madison

“The Lady Who Saved Washington”

Edith Galt Wilson

“To End All Wars”

Eleanor Roosevelt

“First Lady of the World”

Frances Folsom Cleveland

“A May – December Romance”

Golda Meir

“The Journey Home”

Goode Rebeka, Trial by Fire

“The Salem Witch Trials”

Helen Keller

“A Life Nearly Lost”

Jenny Appleseed

“Lost Lore and Tall Tales”

Jenny A

Laura Ingalls Wilder

“The Road to the Little House”

Margaret Cummins

“Christmas at Balmoral”

Mary Ann Bickerdyke

“To Heal a Nation”

Mary Todd Lincoln-Presidential

“Preserve the Union”

Mary Todd Lincoln-Widow

“A Widow Forgotten”

Mrs. Charles Dickens

“The Best of Times”

Eleanor Mayer

“On Wings of Angels”

Sari (Ma) Semple

“The Truth, As I Recollect”

Caroline Ingalls


Jessica Michna appearing as Caroline Ingalls

Jessica Michna presents

“Women Who Dared​”

Jessica Michna presents Women Who Dared

Molly Brown

“Hard Scrabble to High Society​”

MOLLY BROWN; Hard Scrabble to High Society

Katharine Wright

Those Flyboys from Dayton

Those Flyboys from Dayton

Jessica Michna with a Partner

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